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Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

My first impression of Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs is, “WOW”! In true Disney style, not a single detail was overlooked. Well, maybe one detail, but I’ll get into that later. If you are a fan of the Indiana Jones movie franchise, you will appreciate the unique theming of this new bar & lounge. As casual Indy fans, we agreed to try it out on a date night. Jock Lindsey’s opened in late September, but we waited for the initial melee of Disney bloggers fighting like soccer hooligans to be the first to post photos of it to die down. This left us with two and a half months to build up our expectations. Thankfully, we weren’t disappointed!

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is located between Waterview Park and The Landing boat launch. You can’t miss it, there is a big crane holding a plane wing (the sign) out in front of the hangar itself. Once inside, you are completely transported into the world of Jock himself. It looks like the home of a rag-tag, tinkering, 1940’s bush pilot. (Think, The Jungle Cruise, but with planes.) Indoor seating is limited, with a row of small tables to the left, the bar to the right and two semi-secluded areas to seat large parties straight ahead. We opted for the outdoor seating, which was pretty empty. There’s a covered deck along the back with tables and to the right side of the building, you can sit in Reggie. Yes, Reggie, the drydocked boat named after Jock’s pet snake. We chose Reggie.

That was a mistake!

My only complaint about the Hangar Bar and the only detail they completely overlooked: BUGS!

This is Central Florida. This is a restaurant right on the edge of a huge pond of non-flowing water. The outdoor seating areas have no screens! I had to wrap my drink in a napkin to keep the gnats out of it. By the time the food came we were over it and were begging for them to let us come inside. It has a beautiful view and is really neat sitting out there, but save it for bright, sunny days if you don’t want your drinks dive-bombed by tiny kamikazes all night. They quickly found some seats inside and we scrambled off with our apps. Sorry, Reggie. Dueces.

Once back inside, we were really able to examine the decor up close. The length that they go to when creating an immersive experience is incredible. Everywhere you look there is something that reinforces that Indiana Jones aesthetic. At the front end of the tables, there is a crazy, gadgety, make-shift-looking ice machine that appears to actually work. (I asked the waiter, who said it does. You never know for sure, though, because at Disney they are supposed to play along and stay in character.) The shelves at the other end hold keepsakes and trophies, like this one below from the “National Daredevil Barnstormers Association”.  There’s too much to describe it all in detail and I don’t want to spoil it all for you if you are planning to visit.

With names like The Air Pirate’s Pretzels and Lao Che’s Revenge (our selections), the food falls in line with the theming. The pretzels came stacked on a wire airplane frame that holds little cups of sauce (mustard and beer cheese). I was happy with them, although the mustard sauce was a bit strong for my taste, the beer cheese was good and the pretzels were just as I like! Lao Che’s Revenge is spicy/sweet Asian chicken wings. We assumed they would taste just like the sticky wings at Kona Cafe or the spicy wings at Shutters, but they had a flavor all their own. Usually, I can’t stand wings! I mean, I’m not a cave woman, why do I need to fight my food and make a mess, all for 2 bites of chicken? We’d happily order both of these dishes again, to spite looking like the joker as a result of the sauciness!

The drinks are pretty imaginative, too. BobaChef ordered The Scottish Professor, but about half-way through it, he remembered that he’s “not really a whiskey kinda’ guy”. LOL I’m sure it’s a great drink if you like whiskey, it just wasn’t for him. On the other hand, I LOVED my Cool-Headed Monkey! I could definitely taste the pineapple in it, however, the watermelon flavor was lost. Unfortunately, you DO NOT get to keep the monkey head cup. We almost ordered Reggie’s Revenge, too, but didn’t want to overdo it. The RR seems to be the most popular with other bloggers. I don’t know if everyone loves it due to the taste or because the bright green dispenser on the bar makes for an awesome photo.

Now that you know about the food, the drinks, and REGGIE, what about Jock himself? If you are like me, you have probably seen the films a dozen or more times, but can’t remember what Jock Lindsey even looks like. He was Indy’s pilot friend. In the image below from Raiders of the Lost Ark (copyright Paramount Pictures), we see Jock as played by the real-life pilot, Fred Sorenson. As the story goes, he is an ace stunt pilot from America who has delivered Indy to some of the most remote and exotic locales on Earth. According to Disney, the pair’s adventures led them to Disney Springs where Jock decided to settle down. “Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar was born!”

Final Thoughts

With it located right next to our favorite performer’s (Nicholas Marks) regular stage, it’s extremely convenient for us. It’s a bit hard to get a table if it’s busy and again, the gnats carrying you away from outside seating is a real possibility. Food was good, beverages were quality, service was friendly and the atmosphere was an A+++. We will gladly visit the Jack Lindsey’s again. For more information, click HERE.

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