This page details the blogging equipment that I use to create my site. I am always interested in what other people are using to get the results they do for their blogs and thought this might be useful to others. My devices are not high-end and were purchased on a strict budget. I hope that someone else starting up without a ton of money to invest in their devices will find this page helpful. As I upgrade the products that I use, I will update this page, but also leave the original resources here as well. If you are looking for information about the programs, apps, etc that I recommend, those can be found on my Resources page.



Computer | HP Envy 17t V1M18AV

I needed something that would process video and huge image files without being glitchy like the little 17z that I had previously, after a lot of research I settled on the 17t. I absolutely love it! Not only is it stylish and sleek, it works beautifully. It has the HD capacity and memory size that I need to easily maintain my site & YouTube channel. My only complaint is that I had to go out and buy a mouse to use with it because I just can’t seem to get the hang of some of the more complex maneuvers with the trackpad. The last laptop trackpad had buttons on it, this one is just a blank pad with no clickable areas. The original price was $1500 +shipping, but I waited for the sale price of $1049. This is no longer available in this particular configuration on the HP site unless you want to special order it. Windows 10 Home 64 HE / 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6500U Dual Core Processor (2.5 Ghz) / 16GB DDR3 – 2 DIMM / 2TB 5400 rpm HD / NVIDIA GeForce 940M 2GB Discrete Graphics / TrueVision HD Webcam with dual digital array digital microphone / 17.3″ diagonal Full HD WLED-backlit IPS Display (1920 X 1080) / SuperMulti DVD burner / USB 2.0-3.0 / HDMI / Integrated HD audio / Bang & Olufsen dual speakers / LI Battery / Silver


Computer | HP 17z-y000 V1S43AV

I had to buy a new laptop about 9 months ago because mine that I had for several years was damaged and stopped working. I just needed something that I could get online with while I researched and saved up for a better one.  This model fit my immediate need and was a perfect fit for my husband to use for school when I handed it off to him. When I purchased it from the website, it was approx $575. I used a coupon code that I found online which reduced the price by $150. This model is no longer listed on their site, but it can be purchased new, refurbished, and second hand from several sources online.  Windows 10 Home 64 / AMD Quad-Core A6-7310 APU (2 GHz, up to 2.4 GHz, 2 MB cache) + AMD Radeon™ R4 Graphics / 17.3″ diagonal SVA BrightView WLED-backlit HD+ display with 1600×900 resolution / HP TrueVision HD Webcam with Digital Microphone / 8GB DDR3L-1600 SDRAM (1 x 8GB) / 1TB 5400 rpm SATA HD / DVD+/-RW drive / Bluetooth / LI Battery / USB 2.0-3.0/ HDMI / Dreamy Teal

HP17z-y000 V1S43AV

Mobile Devices

Cellular Phone | iPhone 5S

I have had my iPhone for years and I love it. I know they have released several new models since I purchased mine and I may upgrade in the future for more storage space, but at this moment I don’t see a reason to spend the money. Mine provides me with just about everything I need right now. To iPhone or not to iPhone is sort of a personal choice that people have strong opinions about. As I said, I love mine. I’ve tried Androids and a Blackberry and I’ll never go back to either of those.  Mine came from the Apple website as a factory refurbished model. I paid $50 for it when they were still selling for over $500 new. I think now you can pick one up for under $150. Model ME307LL/A / 16GB / AT& T Networks unlocked / Gold

iPhone 5s Gold


Video | iPhone 5S

At the moment I am researching/saving for a camera capable of taking decent video, but I want to make sure I get one that will meet all of my needs and have been looking into cameras used by my favorite content creators. My old JVC isn’t producing the kind of quality you need for YouTube now, so I don’t even use it at all. I’m not ready to purchase a new one just yet, so I’m relying on my iPhone entirely for all the videos I record and for my live broadcasts. See the above entry under Mobile Devices for more information.

Digital Point & Shoot | Nikon CoolPix L120

I bought this camera at the spur of the moment during a “vacation emergency”. We were in a small town in Western New York and my husband knocked my other camera (see below) off onto the cement ground and it wouldn’t turn on. I had to have something fast and the only store other than a Walmart that carried cameras was Office Depot. I had about 6 to choose from in my price range that weren’t total crap and this is what I ended up with. I knew a lot of people that owned a CoolPix (various models) and they were all happy with them so I figured this was a safe bet. It worked perfectly until about 2 years ago I started having a problem with it misreading the charge on batteries, even brand new batteries would only keep it powered on for 15-20 seconds. After some research online I found that it was an issue with the posts on the door. After adjusting them with a pair of tweezers and a butter knife, it now works fine. I paid $450 for it at the time of purchase, but you can now get them online for between $80 -$340. For full specs on this item, visit the C|Net review.

Nikon CoolPix L120
Digital Point & Shoot | Olympus SP-560UZ

I loved this camera but it hasn’t worked for over 5 years. The lens jammed causing it to not be able to turn on because it extends and retracts the lens on startup. I kept it hoping I could get it fixed because it was a dependable little camera. I recently tried again to fix it, got frustrated after everything I tried, failed and threw it across the room. After it stopped bouncing the lens zoomed in and out and it laid there waiting to be used. LOL I have tested it since then and it’s all functioning perfectly, I just haven’t needed both cameras recently and this one has stayed home. When I purchased this it was almost $500, now they can be picked up for between $120 – $250. For full specs on this item, visit the C|Net review.

Olympus SP-560UZAccessories

Printer/Scanner | Lexmark X4850 Series Multi-function

My old scanner started causing lines in everything so I started looking into new ones and liked this one, but it retailed for $200. A couple weeks later I was at the Goodwill Outlet in Indianapolis and this was sitting in one of the bins, still factory sealed, I bought it for .69c a pound (approximately $15). I love this printer! It prints beautifully, it scans quickly, it’s wifi enabled and has a color LCD display. I don’t think they make these anymore, but if you are lucky you can find one online for around the original price.

Lexmark X4850

Power Supply | Lumsing Harmonica Portable Power Bank

I wanted something a little stronger than the stick chargers that you get in line at the grocery store. I looked into them on Amazon and this one had really good reviews. I paid $46 for it at the time, it is now listed for $20 (I might buy another one at that price). I adore this thing! When it is fully juiced it will charge my iPhone 5-7 times, or run it plugged in for many hours. I use it repeatedly all day long at Disney taking photos, streaming videos and using the internet and it keeps me going until it’s time to go home. I highly recommend this product.

Lumsing Harmonica power bank

Charging Accessories |

If my husband touches a charging cord it falls apart within a month, so I had to buy a pack that is just for MY phone. So, I picked out some nice long ones (10ft) on Amazon to match my power bank (gold). If you need some, I recommend the Aonsen lightning cable 3-pack for $13. I picked out a charger plug as well, the Allytech 2.4A 12W 2-port travel USB charger for $7, also on Amazon. Both of these items work great and take a beating.


Mouse | Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse

Basic, simple $9 plug and play USB mouse from Target.

External Storage | WD 1TB My Passport Ultra

So light and tiny, it doesn’t weight down my bag or take up a ton of space. I love that I don’t have to plug it into the wall, it has no power cord. I think I paid $80 for this in 2015.

WD external HDs

External Storage | WD 1TB My Book Essential

This is a few years old, but it still works great as a secondary backup for the things that are extremely important. It is heavier and larger than the Passport and needs a stationary power source to plug into.

External Storage | Camera Cards

I use several different sizes of data storage cards for my cameras. I get them online mostly, wherever I can find them inexpensively and I stick with either FujiFilm or Olympus brands.

Camera Mount | Targus TG-GP5010 10″ Grypton Tripod

Very cheap, basic bendy tripod I’ve had for years, but it does the job.

Camera mounts

Camera Mount | Zivachi Premium Selfie Stick

I actually got this for free (but it lists for $15) and I have yet to use it outside of my own home, I use it for taking photos of items I am selling in my Etsy shop.

Camera Mount | Basic Generic Tripods

I have two basic, standard, generic tripods. These are full height. I don’t know what these cost retail, I purchased them years ago at an estate auction for $10.