If you love all things Florida, Welcome Home! I’m Loma Del Mar, and here on The Florida Blog, I share my adventures in all that’s wild, wacky and wonderful in The Sunshine State. I know what you are thinking, “Not another travel blog!”, but don’t worry, this is NOT a typical “travel” site. I’m creating content that explores a wide range of topics related to my adopted home, using my unique perspective, I cover subjects from local recipes to nature trails to Art Deco Weekend. The Florida Blog brings you a little bit of everything! Although, few items you won’t find here are the same old copy-and-paste listicles or hijacked photos re-posted from other sources all over the web. All of my content is created by myself or my husband specifically for this website.

Living in Florida, we are blessed to be surrounded on all sides by the gorgeous natural environment overflowing with countless species of tropical plants, unique creatures that are indigenous to our state, thousands of miles of exquisite beaches, amazing architecture, world-class museums and institutions, billion-dollar entertainment complexes, and cultural events representing communities from all over the globe. We also have a rich and diverse history that goes all the way back to a time before Europeans set foot on this land. We are the setting for many books, films and television shows, which is no surprise considering the number of authors, musicians, artists and other incredibly talented individuals that live within our borders. Our population is exploding and so many people love to call this place, “home” because there is ALWAYS something new and exciting to experience.

When I moved to Florida (Tallahassee) as a child, over 25 years ago, I was immediately determined to learn everything that I could about it. I read books about Florida, I watched documentaries about it. Over time I’ve amassed a wealth of useless, but interesting, knowledge, that I can now pass on to you. While I want to highlight the positive, I’m not going to ignore the negative. I won’t pretend that Florida is perfect, like everything it has its good and its bad, but I find that the phenomenon of the “Florida Man” tends to overshadow some of our most deserving citizens. I hope that I can correct that oversight by spotlighting some great local artists, activists & innovators who are working every day to make this a better place for everyone.

One of the greatest things about Florida is that it is constantly improving and changing. You can leave for a while, and when you come back it’s familiar but different. I was married in Saint Augustine over a decade ago and while it has the same historic, artsy feel, many of the businesses are completely different than what was there before. Once I married a Navy man, I was at the government’s whim when it came to where I would lay my head. Over the years I’ve lived in other states, but all roads always lead back to the land of oranges and sunshine. In 2015 my husband accepted an opportunity to enter the employ of The Mouse and we have been permanent residents of the Orlando Metro area ever since. Central Florida isn’t the most glamorous location in the state, but it puts us within easy driving distance of pretty much anywhere we want to venture to on a day off. Being within this close of a proximity to so many popular points of interest has given me the inspiration to create this site and to bring all of you along with me as I explore “La Florida”.


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